"Sure homemade bread might taste great, but why go through the hassle when a mix is just as tasty? With this mix you'll have your house smelling delicious and a beautiful loaf of bread at the end of the day. The mix makes a tender golden bread with a crisp crust that's not too hard - with no after taste or grittiness." - Delight Gluten Free Magazine, Editor's Favorite, March/April 2014 issue

"First, I tried it as a straight-up bread mix (a packet of yeast is included.) It was easy-peasy to mix up and pop in the trusty old Welbilt Breadmaker. A few hours later, I was rewarded with a nice warm loaf of GF bread. It was perfectly cooked and nice and dense, just like I like it (Holes are cool in jeans, but not my bread!)...A few days later, feeling a bit more adventurous (and craving chocolate) I made Elizabeth's Double Chocolate Brownie cookies. Wow, friends - you have got to try these!" - Trish Dietmyer Kinda Real Gluten Free Food Blog


"As the chicken cooked, however, I was happy to find that all of the seasonings added to the flour beforehand were sticking perfectly to the chicken. The T.G.I.G.F. mix held tight to the seasonings and left me with golden brown chicken loaded with flavor. Not into chicken fingers or cutlets? There are so many uses for the T.G.I.G.F. Baking and Bread Mix. The company's website has a running list of gluten-free recipe suggestions and each one sounds better than the next. Sticky Bun cookies, Easy Creamy Turkey Casserole, T.G.I.G.F. Decadent Mint Brownies...the list goes on. They even have a step-by-step video to teach you how to make gluten-free bread at home with the mix!" - Alicia Carango, Gluten-Free Hot Products National Foundation for Celiac Awareness


"I used your bread mix and used my bread maker and made a great loaf of bread...it smelled great and was the nicest shade of brown! It was moist and flavorful and didn't fall apart. I loved the texture, it wasn't as dense as other bread mixes I have used. I like it to be more airy like traditional bread and your mix didn't let me down! Thank you for the opportunity to try your product and I would gladly reorder your mixes. Thanks again!" - Kim

"I made muffins with the mix. My 7 year old sister has Celiac and loved them! Thanks so much." - Marley

A Lovely Loaf

"We have a shortlist of favorite bread mixes and T.G.I.G.F! Baking and Bread Mix is on it. Simply said, the folks at T.G.I.G.F!(Thank God It's Gluten-Free!) produce a superb loaf. This bread has a rich, slightly yeasty flavor and a moist cake-like texture with slices that hold together. Heaven. Manufactured in a certified gluten-free, kosher facility that is free of the top 8 allergens, this bread is sorghum flour- based, made with all natural non-GMO ingredients and no preservatives. In addition to delicious bread the mix makes great waffles, cookies, pizza crust, pie crust, quick breads and more. With a 12-month shelf life you can keep it on hand to enjoy now or later. Unanimous rave reviews from our tasters."

-Living Without Magazine, June/July 2013 issue

"My girlfriend and I were in Berlin for the Fiddlers Convention last year and we purchased some of your flour for my girlfriend who is gluten intolerant. We think your flour is the best gluten-free we have tried, now we need more." - Brian

"I made the bread yesterday, and even though I think I took it out of the oven a little early, the whole family is so pleased with the result! I'm really looking forward to trying for a pizza!

My daughter's allergies were diagnosed over 4 years ago, and yours is the first acceptable bread dough we have found. Plus it is easy enough that I can successfully make it. We are all extremely grateful. Thanks to your bread, Sheila had her first decent sandwich in years.

May you and your venture truly "Live Long and Prosper."

- Kate

"I just made your banana bread last night, and it was by far the best I have ever eaten. The only substitution I made was a half cup vanilla Greek yogurt for the half cup of sour cream. I did not have any sour cream in the refrigerator. It was wonderful - moist, flavorful, and very tasty. My daughter raved about it as well. I have to believe that your flour made the difference. Congratulations for a wonderful business. I will definitely use it again in the future." - Susan

"Hi Elizabeth, just wanted to share with you that I made sugar cookies last night using your mix and recipe for our son's Christmas party and to give half to our other son's teacher since she has a wheat allergy and couldn't do the cookie decorating in their class. Our son's teacher called me and left a message to tell me they were the best gluten-free sugar cookies she had ever tasted and wanted the recipe. She said she's been trying various recipes and hasn't come up with anything that tastes good. After I told her the mix was TGIGF, she wanted to know how she could get it so I told her I would get it for her as a "late" Christmas gift. We finished our bag last night too so I just ordered 2 more." - Amy

reviews and testimonials

"I just used your mix to make pizzelles. They turned out fantastic! I used an old family recipe and simply used your mix in place of flour. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy pizzelles again!" - Michelle

"The apple pie tastes like apples and cinnamon on steroids!!!!!!!" - David

"Versatility is the single biggest benefit of this wonderful gluten-free product. If you simply want a hot, delicious loaf of gluten-free bread, or if you need some pancakes/waffles, maybe even breading for those chicken nuggets, TGIGF is a one stop shop for your gluten-free baking needs...In terms of baking, there really isn't a lot that the gluten-free product from TGIGF can't accomplish. That is what makes this an outstanding item to have for any gluten-free household. The bread is tasty, and holds up in any capacity you choose to try it in...To state the obvious: Thank god it's gluten-free!" - Daniel Vredenberg www.glutenfreeandfull.com