How to make a delicious loaf of our T.G.I.G.F! bread in your bread machine. Our bread is perfect for sandwiches, grilled cheese, paninis, toast, bread cubes, bread crumbs, french toast and more!

1 bag        T.G.I.G.F! Mix

1               Yeast packet - .25 oz/7 gram

1 1/4 c.     Milk, cow's, rice, soy, coconut or almond

2 lg.          Eggs - or egg replacer equivalent

1/4 c.        Oil, olive, coconut or palm - melted & cooled,

                 canola, or vegetable


The most important thing to do before baking our bread in your bread machine is to make sure the default gluten-free settings are compatible with our mix. I found that some default gluten-free settings don't allow the dough to rise or bake as long as needed.  However, most machines allow you to program a homemade or memory setting. The settings need to be:

* Bread size - 2 pound loaf

* Preheat cycle - 10 minutes.

* Knead cycle - 20 minutes.

* Rise cycle - ONLY ONE RISE CYCLE - 45 minutes.

* Bake cycle - 70 minutes.

Once the settings are adjusted, simply add all of the ingredients in order according to your bread machine instructions. Once the knead cycle is complete, MAKE SURE YOU SMOOTH OUT THE BREAD DOUGH EVENLY IN THE PAN, before the baking cycle begins! When the baking cycle is complete, remove pan from bread machine and allow to cool in pan 5 minutes then turn out on wire rack to cool. Try to allow bread to cool at least 15 minutes before slicing. 


Store bread wrapped or in a storage bag in the refrigerator for 1-2 days and slice, microwave or toast when needed. After 2 days, slice the remaining bread and place in a freezer safe bag in single layers separated by wax paper. The bread will keep in the freezer for at least a month if it lasts that long. When read to eat simply thaw, microwave or toast and enjoy!

T.G.I.G.F! bread

bread machine inSTRUCTIONS - 1 LOAF